Leadership Reviews EPDP Performances; Hails Positive Tone of New Ethiopian PM

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In a statement issued at the end of a two-day meeting on 27 May, 2018, the  Executive Committee of the Eritrean People's Democratic Party (EPDP) expressed full satisfaction by the performances of party organs during the period under review and highly commended the new Ethiopian leader's conciliatory tone promising better days for the region by ending the Eritrean-Ethiopian border conflict.


The EC regular meeting was opened with expressions of good wishes to all Eritreans at the occasion of their 27th Independence Day and by paying tribute to Martyr Mohammed Asselo, EPDP Central Council member who passed away last April while on duty in the Sudan. It then studied reports of various party organs; discussed arrangements for the upcoming Eritrea Festival 2018; finalized a paper on the modalities for the implementation of the 4 June 2017 EPDP Proposal for Joint Work with other sister organizations and finally reviewed developments in Eritrea and the region.

On EPDP Performances

By reviewing activity reports of the nine EC offices during the previous four months, the meeting observed exceptionally high achievements almost in all sectors of party activities. Special mention was made of the achievements in the spheres of organizational and public diplomacy and advocacy tasks that included EPDP leadership missions to Israel and UK as well as active participations in conferences and public events in the Netherlands, Germany and Canada. Among the commended activities was the party's continued advocacy work on behalf of Eritrean refugees in many critical places like Libya and Israel.

On Ethiopian PM's Signals for Peace


EPDP EC Holds Regular Meeting 1

On 27 May, the EC thoroughly discussed the positive gestures of the new Ethiopian Prime Minister, Dr. Abiy Ahmed, on the lingering border problem and urged his government to accept the Algiers Agreement and the ruling of the Eritrean-Ethiopian Boundary Commission (EEBC).

The EPDP leadership meeting, which was held nine days ahead of EPRDF's acceptance of the ruling, also alluded to past records and noted that the forces that eventually formed the EPDP were, from the start, of the position that the EEBC arbitration ruling was final and binding and that there was no need for another "dialogue" if not mutually agreed by both parties. The EPDP Executive Committee thus reiterated the party's resolve to continue advocating for the final resolution of the conflict peacefully.


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