QUESTION - Who is Eritrean People’s Democratic Party (EPDP)?

ANSWER - EPDP is an Eritrean party in exile struggling for change and democratization in Eritrea. EPDP is a product of three political organizations, Eritrean People’s Party, Eritrean Democratic Party, and Eritrean People’s Movement, who on December 31, 2009 achieved unity.

QUESTION - What kind of background did the parties have?

ANSWER - EDP and EPM came from an overwhelming Eritrean People’s Liberation Front (EPLF) background, and EPP came from an overwhelming Eritrean Liberation Front (ELF) background. In the past the two liberation fronts fought fiercely and openly engaged in an elimination game. But in the past few years they closed gaps of their differences and realized the only way to establish a democratic society is when the culture of tolerance and respect is manifested. They also came to realize development can only be achieved not living in the past grudges but on the hopes of the future.


QUESTION – Are you going to unite with other parties too?

ANSWER – EPDP believes unity is a foundation of a winning formula. We will strive to close gaps of differences with political organizations with similar political programs as EPDP.

QUESTION - What is the vision of EPDP?

ANSWER - In short it is by establishing a democratic state in place of the currently ruling dictatorship.


QUESTION - How do you plan to achieve your vision?

ANSWER - By establishing: a state that is governed by a constitution; a state that has three branches of government; a state that respects full rights of speech, press, and religion; a state that offers opportunity on education and jobs to its citizens; a state that empowers its local government; a state that practices democratic culture; a state that practices tolerance, respect, and co-existence.

QUESTION - Does EPDP believe in separation of state and religion?

ANSWER - Separation of religion and state are the core values of democratic cultures and EPDP champions the formation of a secular state. We believe that no religion should impose their values onto others or no religion should play the game of dominance through the instruments of the political system. Religion is an individual matter where politics is a common factor for groups. In a democratic Eritrea religion should not have a place in politics.

QUESTION - Does EPDP believe in peaceful transfer of power?

ANSW ER - EPDP is determined to practice peaceful transfer of power. Tolerance, respect, and abiding by an election results are the core values of a democratic culture. If a party or a political figure for that matter didn’t accept the core values of a democratic culture then the other alternative is dictatorship which we are committed to fight nail and teeth.

QUESTION - Does EPDP believe in ethnic and religious rights?

ANSWER - Yes, it does. In a democratic Eritrea all citizens will enjoy inalienable rights. Rights of individuals, groups, community, and ethnic are part and parcel of the democratic culture.

QUESTION - Does EPDP believe in empowering localities?

ANSWER - Yes, the party aims to introduce a decentralized system of governance. A decentralized system of governance is where localities (village, district, and region) elect their own government and have local constitution.

QUESTION - Does EPDP believe in multi-party system of governance?

ANSWER - Yes, it does. Elections and competing parties are the pillars of a democratic society. One party system is a sign of a cruel dictatorship and power monopoly. EPDP envisions post PFDJ Eritrea to have multiparty system where all parties practice tolerance and abide by the outcome of elections.

QUESTION - What does peaceful method of struggle mean?

ANSWER - Not using violence as its main strategy in removing the regime. One of the core values of a democratic culture is renouncing any violence action to achieve power. EPDP believes power comes from the ballet box meaning by free elections. The people decide who would come to power to govern by participating in elections. One cannot secure a peaceful transfer of power with a violent culture of achieving power.

QUESTION - Does EPDP believe in free market economy?

ANSWER - Yes, it does. In a free market economy markets are decided by supply and demand where in a state controlled economy markets are decided by the discipline of the state. A state controlled economy is a dictatorship state. EPDP strives to establish a free market economy.

QUESTION - Who owns the land?

ANSWER - It shall be decided in post-dictatorship period by an elected Eritrean parliament.


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