EPDP Delegation Holds Public Meeting in London

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A delegation of the Eritrean People's Democratic Party (EPDP) currently on mission to the UK, on 22 April 2018 held a public meeting in London attended by prominent figures and leaders in the prolonged Eritrean struggle for democratic change.

Headed by the EPDP Chairman Menghesteab Asmerom, the delegation consisted of Central Council members Assefaw Berhe, Haile Woldu, and the EPDP UK Branch Chairman Goitom Mebrahtu.

Following introductory remarks by Mr. Goitom Mebrahtu, the EPDP Chairman conveyed his and his party warm greetings to meeting participants whom he also called for a minute of silence in memory of all Eritrean martyrs, and in particular in memory of EPDP Central Council member Mohammed Asselo who passed away early this month in Kassala, Sudan.

Opening his presentation by quoting Mr. Abdurazaq Mussa, who was one of the speakers at the recent London conference of the Eritrean National Dialogue Forum, , the EPDP Chairman underlined the importance of giving topmost priority to vision and method of leadership and definitely not to the person or group of persons in leadership posts. Looking at the identity (ethnic etc) of the leaders in our organizations will only serve the interests of the dictatorship in Eritrea which uses fear and mistrust as its main tools to prolong its stay in power.

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He lists the commonly shared visions of the Eritrean people all Eritrean justice seeking organizations and movements and confirmed that their success will depend only on common and harmonious struggle based on mutual respect, trust and sincere dialogue. In further expounding the 4 June 2017 EPDP proposal for joint work, he called for starting joint work in areas like information work, diplomacy public mobilization.

EPDP Chairman Menghesteab Asmerom also re-affirmed his party's full support to the popular movements being initiated in several world regions because, he said, "No cause can success without the active participation of the broad masses".

He also alluded briefly to the true origins of the latest hiccups in his party which he said was harmful to the ongoing struggle for democratic change in Eritrea.

On his part, Mr. Assefaw Berhe, Central Council member and Deputy Head of Organizational Affairs, explained the Party Renewal programme underway in EPDP and the progress being made in identifying the shortcomings and strengths in the party institutions. He also seized the opportunity to call on Eritrean intellectuals to play a tangible work in correcting mistakes in the opposition camp by identifying wrong doings.

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Meeting participants further enriched the discussions by engaging in frank-talk about the assumed strengths and shortcomings of the opposition organizations, including EPDP, and what could be done to overcome them.

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