EPDP Delegation Holds Public Meeting For Eritreans in Toronto, Canada

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A delegation of the Eritrean People's Democratic Party (EPDP), consisting of  party Chairman Menghesteab Asmerom and Chair Office Representative to North America, Mr. Gherezghiher Tewelde,  held on 23 July 2017 a well-attended  public meeting for Eritreans residing in the Canadian city of Toronto and its environs.


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As delegation members joined at the podium Mr. Tuku Tesfai, EPDP Central Council member, and Mr. Yassin Ibrahim Nebrai, senior member of the Toronto branch, the former (Tuku) welcomed invited guests for their coming and made a power-point description of EPDP and its activities in the social sector as well as its notable performances throughout the years in the spheres of political awareness, mass media, diplomatic outreach and related fields of struggle.


The EPDP delegation received welcoming bouquets of flower by two young Eritrean ladies. Mr. Tuku Tesfai then gave brief background information about the delegation members as life-time devotees to the Eritrean cause for national liberation and democracy.  


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EPDP Chairman started his presentation by commending the Toronto branch for their efforts and warmly welcoming compatriots for attending the public meeting .


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Mr. Menghesteab then explained the core mission and vision of the party followed by its ongoing activities in the current struggle to remove an evil regime and replace it by a system of democratic governance.  He then dwelt in citing party activities in the various avenues of struggle including its little noticed involvement in the social service of vulnerable Eritreans in exile.


Some members of the audience, as elsewhere,  were surprised to learn that the EPDP is since a long time administering and taking care,  together with donor organizations, for the provision of elementary education to hundreds of Eritrean refugee children  in Eastern Sudan, and   striving to obtain sponsor parents from abroad  for the education of children of parents who spent their entire lives in the still unfinished national cause.   Needless to say, the party is in constant contact, including through memos, with governments and organizations speaking on behalf of the victimized Eritrean refugees dispersed everywhere.


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The EPDP Chairman also explained the importance of EPDP's success to be a member of the four-year old Progressive Alliance with 150 member parties from all over the world. He said the message EPDP carries to the global conferences of the PA is that of the entire Eritrean opposition and this work will benefit all when we start to work jointly.  In the public sphere, party branches exist in many parts of the globe and that they are actively involvement in organizing demonstrations and public diplomacy. They also run local radio broadcasts to mobilize Eritreans for collective action for democratic change.  


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The other major topic raised at the Toronto public meeting was the EPDP proposal for joint work among Eritrean political organizations. The details of the presentation followed the same pattern taken at the preceding public meetings he addressed in the North American cities of Oakland, San Diego, Chicago, Seattle and Winnipeg.


In the discussion and question and answer session that followed, the chairman was joined by Messrs Gherezghiher Tewelde and Tuku Tesfai in clarifying issues and answering timely questions related to the present situation in Eritrea and its political organizations.


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Discussants urged political organizations in the opposition camp to find a working formula for a united action. They also expressed deep appreciation for the public discourse in Toronto and hoped that such events will be organized with increased frequency.

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