EPDP Delegation in Berlin Attending Conference of Progressive Alliance

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A high-level delegation of the Eritrean People's Democratic Party (EPDP) is in Berlin, Germany, among world delegations attending a regular conference of the Progressive Alliance, this time hosted by the German Social Democratic Party (SPD). The two-day conference starts Sunday, 12 March, with meetings of the steering committee and Board members composed of party leaders.

The EPDP delegation, consisting  of  Party Chairman, Mr. Menghesteab Asmerom, and Dr. Aklilu Ghirmay, leadership member and Deputy Head of EPDP Foreign Relations, will be among 80 delegations expected to attend the Berlin conference of the Progressive Alliance convening under the motto: "Shaping Our Future - for Freedom, Justice and Solidarity."

The EPDP delegation will attend the plenary sessions and panel discussions and express views on matters related to Eritrea and the challenges faced by nascent progressive parties in Africa and the rest of the 'Third World'.

This is the sixth conference the EPDP is attending since the founding of the Progressive Alliance in 2013. The previous conferences at which EPDP delegations took part were those held in Leipzig, Tunis, Stockholm, Rotherdam and Brussels. The Progressive Alliance currently has 130 member parties, political associations and networks from all continents.

Printed below is part of the Progressive Agenda of the PA

  • The Progressive Alliance is an association of progressive, social democratic, socialist and labour parties, political organisations and networks. The Progressive Alliance seeks to collaborate with other progressive organisations, unions, think tanks, foundations and nongovernmental organisations (NGOs). Parallel and complementary to other associations operating at an international level, the Progressive Alliance builds on regional and transnational networks and forums. The Progressive Alliance provides a platform for formulating progressive collective and coordinated answers to political challenges around the globe, for exchanging information and experience on election campaigns and policy initiatives and ideas, for strengthening party organization, supporting international campaigns, improving regional networking and for the solidarity activities.
  • The Progressive Alliance uses a wide variety of formats – amongst others conventions, conferences, seminars, forums, workshops, fringe meetings and missions – in a year in different regions of the world. These meetings bring together progressive politicians from across the world to discuss shared policy challenges and to foster international cooperation.
  •  In order to focus the programmatic work, the Progressive Alliance carries out its activities under the umbrella of a mutual agreed campaign. The campaigns can be organised in conjunction with other progressive social forces, trade unions, foundations and NGOs.
  • The Progressive Alliance also focuses on building-up the capacity for campaigns and the organizational integrity of political parties. The Progressive Campaigning workshops and  other forums give progressive political parties opportunities to discuss shared electoral challenges and successful campaigns.
  • The promotion of international cross-border solidarity is a crucial part of political identity of the progressive movement. It is, therefore, of central concern to all members of the Progressive Alliance to come to the aid of all our comrades throughout the world who are suffering from political oppression and persecution or whose stand for our values requires the support of the progressive community.
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