EPDP Sends Solidarity Message to Both German Foreign Minister, and to Chancellorship Candidate

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In a solidarity message sent to the German Foreign Ministry and the Social Democratic Party (SPD), the Eritrean People's Democratic Party (EPDP) wished heartfelt success to Vice-Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel, who recently assumed  the post of foreign minister, and to Mr. Martin Schulz, former president of the EU parliament who is now SPD candidate in the September 2017 elections for German Chancellorship.


Dated 10 February 2017, the EPDP memorandum appealed to the new German Foreign Minister and, through him, to the German Federal Government to give adequate attention Eritrea and "help end the  distressing political and human rights situation" in the country.  


EPDP also seized the opportunity to express good wishes to Mr. Schulz in his  candidature to the German Chancellorship and reassured fraternal SPD that a good number of German citizens of Eritrean origin will, as usual, stand on the side of Mr. Schulz and his party.


The memorandum also requested both addressees - Mr. Sigmar Gabriel and Hon. Martin Schulz - to refer to the numerous memoranda the EPDP has addressed to both the Foreign Ministry and the SPD headquarters in the past and kindly take action on all those modest requests to help build the capacity of Eritrean democratic forces struggling for positive change in their unfortunate country.  

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