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Big Rally in Washington DC on June 19, 2015 To Condemn the beheading of Innocent Victims and To Voice the Cry of Victims of Mass Drowning at High Seas

Written by People’s Solidarity of Eritreans for Justice
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Despite immense sacrifices of Eritreans for freedom, justice and peaceful life, the Eritrean people are subjected to a worst tyrannical rule. The regime has turned Eritrea into a nation of extreme oppression and servitude. As a result, the people are forced to flee their country in droves in search of normal life, risking death by crossing heavily guarded borders. Soon they are subjected to kidnapping, rape; and they are forced to pay tens of thousands of ransom money or risk death and organ harvesting.  After paying big sums of money they are crammed into small fishing boats to cross the high seas.   Consequently, thousands of Eritreans are drowning in the Mediterranean Sea.

Many tragedies of drowning of thousands of Eritreans occurred in the high seas and at the shores of Libya with no or little media and world attention. Then, the catastrophic drowning of 365 Eritreans at the gates of the Italian island of Lampedusa in October 2013 stunned the world and shook Eritreans.  Despite repeated efforts, the tragedies of mass exodus and mass drowning continued. In April 2015, more than 350 Eritreans and many others were drowned and perished in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. To add insult to injury, Eritreans and many other innocent refugees are being kidnapped and beheaded or executed by firing squad.

 Hundreds of thousands of Eritreans are living under the shadow of terror and death with no legal protection and legitimate representation scattered in many countries. All these sufferings and hardships are happening in neighboring countries, in Libya and at the gates of Europe and inside Israel.

European Union and the state of Israel have legal and moral obligation to protect and honor their human rights.  However, instead of protecting the victims, they are attempting to appease the regime in Eritrea by providing financial assistance.  The unimaginable irony is   -   that the root cause of the mass exodus and Eritrean misery   -   to be partner and beneficiary of the mass suffering   -   is a stunning paradox that can only worsen the situation. The extreme condition of our brothers and sisters is sending a clarion call for action to end their suffering. 

In order to heed their call for action for meaningful and urgent solution   -   a big rally of all justice and peace loving Eritreans and friends of Eritrea will take place in Washington D.C. on June 19 2015. The rally will deliver its messages at the gate of the White House and March to the Capitol grounds and call upon the United States, the European Union and the United Nations and other international institutions to protect victims of oppression.  

All freedom and justice loving Eritreans and friends of Eritrea are urged to join hands and   march in Washington D.C.  All Eritrean churches, mosques, human right organizations, communities, civic entities and organizations are urged to heed the call for action for meaningful solution.  

People’s Solidarity of Eritreans for Justice 

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