UN Human Rights Council Starts Session In Geneva with Big Promises for Humanity

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Started with addresses by the UN Secretary General; the current presidents of the UN General Assembly; the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights as well as a long list of 100 high-level guests from several countries and organizations, the 43rd session of the 47-member UN Human Rights Council opened on Monday, 24 February, with promises for commitment to promote human rights and save the planet.

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres launched a “call to action” to all countries and actors to do their utmost in order to promote human rights as the “highest aspiration” of humanity. He said human rights are under assault everywhere and advised that nations should not make pretexts of state sovereignty to violate all types of human rights.

UN Human Rights Council Session Opens with Big Promises 2

He called the UN HR Council “the fulcrum for international dialogue and cooperation to advance all human rights” and hoped that it will help in the global call for action to promote peoples’ rights and take action on the threats being posed by climate change.

The Secretary General’s seven-point action plan including linking human rights to issues like sustainable development, prevention of conflicts, gender equality and freedom of expression and civil society, among other things. Speakers after speaker reiterated the urgency of seriously implementing the long list of conventions and resolutions adopted by the UN system during the past 75 years.

This 43 UN HR Council session will last till March 20. Ms Daniel Kravetz, the UN Human Rights Rapporterur for Eritrea, is scheduled to present her oral report on 26 Febuary 2020 that will be followed by an interactive dialogue at the plenary session.

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