Young EPDP CC Member Adiam Addresses Main Festival Panel

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Ms Adiam Haile Rufael from the USA, one of the youngest newly elected Central Council members of the unified EPDP, stressed in her address at the main Festival Panel in Frankfurt on 3 August 2019 that hadnet /unity in the opposition camp and wudeba/organized action are the sure pathways to speedy victory against the repressive regime in Eritrea.  

Speaking in English, interspersed with her favourite phrases in Tigrigna, young Adiam drew the attention of the festival audience by calling for a fast and renewed action for change based on knowledge and self criticism. She added: “to be fair, all blame cannot be laid on the regime [in Asmara]; we must own our faults as well.”   Unmistakably, she was referring to the unending bickering among all justice seekers, old and new.

Further emphasizing her call for unity and the importance of belonging to or building one’s own strong organization, Ms Adiam Haile said: “We are fighting against an organized political regime that has been able to stay in existence for so long due to our lack of doing what we have begun to do at this Congress together - [unity].”

She criticized some of her generation members who still believe that they should not join organizations led by “the old generation.”  Adiam went on advising her generation: “We must not allow ourselves to be fooled into this divisive political propaganda” which she said is being used  enemies of the struggle for change in order to keep it fractured. Talking about herself, she said she enjoyed working with senior members of the opposition camp “who have been through the struggle and understand Eritrean politics like no other.”

A long-time activist in the social media, Adiam also addressed a plenary session of the 3rd and Unity Congress held in Wiesbaden, Germany, between 29 July and August 12019 in which she expressed her optimism about the example being set by the unity

Young EPDP CC Member Adiam Addresses Festival Panel 2

attained  between the Eritrean National Salvation/Hidri and the EPDP. She also praised the sacrifices everybody made on his/her own to be at the unity congress from faraway places like Australia and remote parts of the USA and Canada.

Elected receiving  the highest number of democratic votes attainable at the congress, Ms Adiam Haile Rufael will soon be assigned a number tasks as member of the 35-member Central Council of the unified party, the EPDP.

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