Third & Unity Congress of EPDP and ENS/Hidri Opens Monday in Germany

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The German city of Wiesbaden, 40kms west of Frankfurt, once again hosted an Eritrean political congress on Monday, 29 July 2019, at which participant delegates converged at the congress venue earlier Sunday night coming from faraway places in Australia, many parts of USA, Canada and nine European countries. Also attending and addressing the opening ceremony were, Mr. Negash Osman, the newly elected chairman of the Eritrean National Council for Democratic Change (ENCDC), a coalition of 18 Eritrean organizations and Mr. Ghebrekidan Ghebrezghi, representative of the Eritrean National Front (ENF) which is a coalition of four Eritrean political organizations.


Congress Opening Session addressed by Messrs. Menghesteab, Kiflezghi, Negash and G/Kidan.

Called the third and unity congress of the Eritrean People’s Democratic Party (EPDP) and the Eritrean National Salvation/Hidri, the congress was convened under the slogan “We Struggle for Constitutional Governance, Peace, Justice and Prosperity.” The event marked a year-long culmination of unity dialogue and preparations for the congress.

congress02Adiam Teferra flunked by her deputy Haile W. Mchael and opening ceremony moderator Tiebe Tekie with Team. Haregu Berhe and Berhane Debesu also given opportunity to present moving addresses to at the opening ceremony.

Following introductory remarks of Ms. Adiam Teferra, head of the preparatory committee, keynote speeches were made by chairmen of the unifying organizations, Mr. Menghesteab Asmerom and Mr. Kiflezghi Ghebre-Medhin.

Both outgoing chairmen of the sister organizations outlined in great length the successful process of the unity dialogue. They also explained some outstanding elements of the agreement which included the bold decision of continuing to call the unified organization as EPDP. This preference for the name of EPDP was based on the relatively well established institutions and broader international networks of the party that were achieved during the past ten years of its existence. Mr. Berhane Debesu, outgoing executive committee member in ENS-Hidri, also presented clarifications on the past experiences of the organization.

The unity partners also agreed to have mixed economic policy in post-dictatorship Eritrea that can gradually develop into free market economy while the party will maintain the principle of non-violent struggle as a proven method in bring about democratic change in Eritrea.

The ENCDC chairman, Negash Osman, was accompanied to the congress by Merrs. Bahta Habtemariam and Kibreab Mesghina, representatives, respectively, of Eritrean Democratic Unity Front/Saghem, and the Eritrean Revolutionary Democratic Front/Sedege’e.

congress03First get-together of Sunday arrivals at congress venue in Wiesbaden.


An elderly party member, Ms Haregu Berhe, was also called to the podium to welcome opening session guests and delegates and gave a moving advice on the urgency of unity at this critical stage in the life of the Eritrean people. Ms Haregu Berhe is a tireless freedom fighter who continued the struggle since she first joined the ELF cells in 1968.

In the afternoon meeting, the Congress elected a seven-person secretariat. Mr. Berhane Debesu of US was elected as its chairman, Dr. Habtemichael Tekle of Sweden as his deputy, and Mr. Yassin Osman Neberai of Canada, as its secretary. Other members of the Congress Secretariat were Mr. Haile Woldu of UK, Ms Alganesh Isaac of Sweden, Mr. Gebar Oqbe of USA, and Mr. Kidane Berhe of Denmark.

The first document discussed during the day was the 17-page draft constitution of the unified party.       

congress04Souvenir picture of part of delegates of congress participants at the opening ceremony

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