Eritrea Festival 2018 in Frankfurt Making Exceptional Preparations for Eventful Year

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The fast unfolding and still unclear Ethio-Eritrean relations will be the main agenda of the Public Discussion on Saturday, 4 August,  at the annual Eritrea Festival in Frankfurt which is expected to conduct various political and cultural activities between 3-5 August 2018.

Organized by the Eritrean Democratic Association (EDA), a non-profit charity in Germany, in collaboration with Europe branches of the Eritrean People's Democratic Party (EPDP), the 2018 Festival is expected to be unique of its kind.

Mr. Tesfamariam Kibreab, the EDA chairman, announced recently that a good number of Eritrean political organizations and civil society movements have positively responded to invitations to take part in the Festival Panel as represented by high-level delegations.

The Panel will dwell on the mixed messages being received from Eritrea and Ethiopia  these days. The absolute dictator in Eritrea has been doing whatever he wanted for decades in the past. Now, the big question to be answered is: who and how can the Eritrean dictator be stopped from making hard-to-reverse deals affecting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Eritrea?

Besides panel talks, Eritrean political and civic figures attending the festival are expected to hold bilateral and group consultations on what is to be done to confront the pending dangers to the nation in the hands of the dangerous one-man dictatorship.

Cultural, Artistic Events

Eritrea Festival 2018 will not only be long political presentations and friendly chit-chats.

Eritrea Festival 2018 under Preparation in Frankfurt 2

Singers, musicians and persons of artistic caliber are announcing their determination to be at the Festival to entertain and educate. Among the so far reported entertainment personalities coming from Germany include Artist Eyob Haile, known for his traditional songs with his 'krar/wata' instrument and Ahmed (Hamada) Ibrahim, who will be expected to come with moving poetic narrations of what is going on between the hopeless dictator in Eritrea and the new-found 'saviour' Ethiopian friend, Dr. Abiy Ahmed, who appears to be willing to appease and go along (at the cost of the entire Eritrean nation) with a person accused of perpetrating crimes against humanity. Other musicians/singers coming from other places will include two young men from Switzerland - Tesfai Jentile and Aliton.

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