EPDP Delegation Meets with Human Rights Advocacy Groups in Israel

2018-04-14 21:21:55 Written by  EPDP NA Information Office Published in EPDP News Read 1675 times

The EPDP delegation in Israel since 31 March 2018 this week met with a number of human rights advocacy groups in Israel to discuss the plight of the Eritrean asylum seekers left at limbo in the Jewish state denying them basic refugee rights in defiance of the 1951 UN Convention on refugees.


EPDP Delegation in Israel Meets More Activissts
The advocacy groups so far met include representatives of Hotline for Refugees, including Ms Singal Rozen, Ato Ghebrehiwet Meles; and human rights activist Elliot of Boston, USA, currently in Israel.

The EPDP delegation, consisting of Central Council members Ms Feven Gideon and Mr. Tuku Tesfai, is scheduled to meet several advocacies and groups of Eritreans in Israel in the coming days.

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