Switzerland Intends to Expel Eritrean Refugees Holding Political Asylum

2018-04-06 06:20:49 Written by  EPDP Information Office Published in EPDP News Read 927 times

Swiss authorities are informing thousands of Eritrean refugees already holding political asylum that their cases will be reconsidered for eventual repatriation back to Eritrea, according to the French daily newspaper Tribune de Genève of 5 April 2018.


The paper confirmed that those receiving notifications are already accepted political refugees who reportedly completed some years in military service in Eritrea before they escaped the country.


According to a decision in August 2017 by the Swiss Federal Administrative Tribunal, those Eritrean refugees who were given political asylum on reasons of 'military desertion' can return home 'safely' if they already completed up to 18 months of military service before escaping from Eritrea. The Swiss authorities appeared to be willing to accept Eritrean government "assurances" as the basis of their exceptionally surprising decision.


Other Swiss sources reported that of about 9,000 Eritrean political refugees accepted in recent years as army deserters, more than 3,000 are currently targeted for reconsideration of their cases for repatriation. During the past ten years, over 25,000 Eritreans entered Switzerland as asylum seekers.

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