Senior EPDP Leaders Give Extensive Briefings at North America Zone Meeting

2018-01-21 17:23:32 Written by  EPDP Information Office Published in EPDP News Read 1601 times

Messrs. Tesfai Woldedmichael (Degiga), Head of the EPDP Organizational Office; Fissehaye Hagos, Head of Social Affairs Office and Chairman of the Party Renewal Commission, and Gherezghiher Tewelde, representative of the EPDP Chair Office in North America, on 20 January 2018 attended an electronic meeting of the EPDP North America Zone and briefed them on various issues of great concern to the current struggle for democratic change in Eritrea.

Called by the preparatory committee for an extraordinary congress of EPDP North America (USA and Canada), the key agenda items of the meeting included the following: a) current status of the party, the Eritrean opposition camp as well as recent development in the Horn of Africa and Red Sea basin; b) progress of the EPDP Party Renewal Commission, and c) procedures related to the preparation of the  extraordinary  congress for North America. 

Mr. Tesfai Degiga explained in great detail not only current developments within the party and the Eritrean opposition camp but also about EPDP's concerns regarding the ongoing warmongering in the region surrounding Eritrea.

Executive Committee member Fissehaye Hagos on his part explained the progress so far made by the 11-member Party Renewal Commission whose main task until the 3rd EPDP congress will be identifying existing strengths and shortcoming in the party and referring for implementation effective and new ways of doing things. 

Chair Office Representative Gherezghiher Tewelde  also seized the occasion to dwell in detail about past achievements of the Congress Preparatory Committee headed by Mr. Desbele Kahsai and the procedures adopted by the Electoral Committee that he, Gherezghiher himself, chairs. 

The meeting participants, who included a satisfactory number of young and new party members from Canada, highly commended the extensive clarifications made by the leadership members and expressed renewed passion to redouble efforts in the struggle for democratic change. Many speakers among the 60+ meeting participants also alluded to the crazy moves of a few former colleagues in the zone who posted an announcement of their still-born groupie in Meskerem.Net  dishonestly and misleadingly referring to the name of EPDP. 

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