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Today marks the 13th year since 11 of the members of the G-15, high ranking officials and prominent leaders of the EPLF were arbitrarily arrested after they called for the implementation of the 1997 ratified constitution. Their arrests were preceded and followed by the arrests of many innocent Eritreans including most of the editors and journalist of the fledgling private newspapers which also were closed. All of them have never been officially accused of any crime and have never been brought before any court of law. They have been denied any family visitation and they have never had any legal representation whatsoever. They are detained in remote area called Ela-Ero and other secrete prisons and usually put in solitary confinement. They are believed to be held in very degrading conditions including psychological and physical torture. They are denied medical treatment and most them had chronic medical conditions such as asthma, and diabetes. 

In a message addressed to Mr. Stefan Loefven, chairman of the Swedish Social Democratic Party (SAP), the Eritrean People’s Democratic Party (EPDP) expressed satisfaction in the parliamentary election success scored by the fraternal Swedish party which is now in the process of forming a coalition government with parties of similar vision.

A group of three Eritrean Peoples’ Democratic Party’s  youth prepared an inclusive and a very reach exhibition in the city of Oslo, Norway with the aim of providing to the Norwegian community and Authorities direct information about the ill condition in Eritrea. The exhibition was expanded for 9 days i.e. from 23 – 29 August 2014 in one of the famous public Norwegian libraries called ‘Deichmans Biblioteket’. In these exhibition visiting days, many library customers have got vast information about the current sad human condition in Eritrea. The project contained around 90 pictures representing devastating humanitarian, economic, political, cultural state in their homeland.  Some of the pictures on the inhumanly treating of Eritrean youth by Bedewing and some Eritreans in their way to exile created an agony in the minds of the visitors.

The National programme of the Eritrean Peoples’ Democratic Party in its summarized form also was presented as a part of the exhibition so as to show there are national efforts to transfer the country into democratic and constitutional state if it is assisted by the world community.  


In addition to the pictorial show the three exhibitors, Issaias Hagos, Yisias Gebremariam and Feven Temesgen gave brief oral explanation for all the visitors. These brave youth in their explanation illustrated that the only cause for the flooding of Eritreans to exile is the dictatorial regime in the power and its inhuman leadership.  The three youth have got moral and courage from their visitors as a reward for their.  This exhibition has been conducted for its second time in Norway. Some few months before, it was shown in the northern party of Norway, in the province of Finnmark, in the town of Vasså.




In a memorandum dated 10 September 2014, the Eritrean People’s Democratic Party (EPDP) paid gratitude to the Government of Norway for comprehensive response on  the condition of Eritrean refugees and asylum seekers in Norway, and encouraged Norwegian authorities to take appropriate measures against those Eritrean refugees who violate asylum conditions by establishing relations with the regime in Asmara and by visiting Eritrea soon after obtaining the permission to stay in Norway.

Responding to EPDP’s memo of 26 June, the Norwegian Government informed the EPDP in a letter dated  2 September 2014 that a Norwegian delegation visited Asmara on 13-14 June for a dialogue on “reasons for migration from Eritrea”.  The letter also stated that Norway is considering with “grave seriousness” the visit to Eritrea by Eritrean refugees soon after obtaining political asylum in Norway.

The EPDP memo stated that taking measures against everyone who travels to countries neighboring Eritrea “will require caution” because many Eritrean refugees travel to the Sudan to meet their family members in the Sudan for many of those families in Eritrea come to the Sudan for medical  services which are not available in Eritrea. 

The EPDP memo noted that Norway and other countries can ask Eritrean opposition organizations to find out if the concerned persons travelling to the Sudan are members or not of the Eritrean organizations opposed to the regime in Asmara. The EPDP memo further asserted that sympathizers of the regime do not deserve political asylum and legal protection, and reassured the Norwegian authorities “full support in taking the intended measures to reveal those who violate conditions for their protection and then work with the regime in Asmara or travel to Eritrea using different routes”.









By Bologna Forum


(Bologna, Italy – September 2, 2014) – Eritrean organizations, civic groups, and individual activists came together for a second time in the historic city of Bologna to accelerate the establishment of a united national front against the dictatorship and for democracy in Eritrea.

Held under the theme of Eritrean Solutions for Eritrean Problems, the Summit was endorsed by twelve organizations most which sent their representatives. These were:

·         Citizens for Democratic Rights in Eritrea (CDRiE)

·         Eritreans For Action (E4A)

·         Eritrean Forum for Change (EFC)

·         Eritrean Independent Democratic Movement (EIDM)

·         Eritrean Movement for Change (EMC)

·         Eritrean Movement for Democracy and Human Right (EMDHR)

·         Eritrean National Democratic Front (ENDF)

·         Eritrean People Democratic Party (EPDP)

·         Eritrean Youth Solidarity for change (EYSC)

·         Forum for National Dialogue (FND) (Medrek)

During the four day summit that took place from August 29 – September 1, 2014 participants who came from all over the world worked diligently on a framework that will enable the progressive forces to deliver on their objectives and advance the cause for democratic Eritrea in concrete and measurable terms.

The Summit reinforced the importance of 1) Emboldening pro-democracy forces inside Eritrea; 2) Mobilizing the silent majority; and 3) Bringing the younger generation and women into leadership positions. It also stressed the immediate need for a national vision for development, national reconciliation, and international cooperation and solidarity.

To facilitate these and other important priorities, the Summit established a Task Force to immediately start working on 1) Building a United National Movement; 2) National Dialogue and Reconciliation; 3) Building a Formidable Media; 4) Responding to Refugee Crisis; 5) Mass Mobilization; 6) Building International Solidarity 7) Involving Creative Artists. The Summit also adapted the resolutions of Bologna 2013 and the Pretoria Summit Declaration.

With the contribution of its many participants, the Bologna Forum succeeded in putting in place a solid foundation for formation of a United National Movement that is able to mobilizing and harnessing resources, skills, and capacities of Eritreans to advance towards a democratic transition driven from within Eritrea.



Bologna Forum


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Sverige utvisar eritreansk diplomat

Friday, 05 September 2014 21:52 Written by

 Sverige har beordrat förstesekreteraren vid diktaturen Eritreas ambassad att lämna landet, erfar TT.

– Ett väldigt, väldigt bra beslut, säger riksdagsledamoten Arhe Hamednaca (S) och hävdar att mannen styrt flyktingspionage.

Diplomaten fick 48 timmar på sig att lämna landet.

– Jag kan bekräfta att en utländsk diplomat har blivit ombedd att lämna landet, men jag kan inte gå in på anledningen, säger UD:s kommunikationschef Charlotta Ozaki Macías.

UD har också som policy att inte säga vilket land en utvisad diplomat kommer ifrån.

TT har flera av varandra oberoende källor som bekräftar att det rör sig om den eritreanske förstesekreteraren.

– Det har varit på gång länge att en eritreansk diplomat skulle utvisas, säger en källa mot löfte om att vara anonym.

Förstesekreteraren är enligt samstämmiga uppgifter till TT den som i praktiken leder ambassaden.

Den svensk-eritreanske riksdagsledamoten Arhe Hamednaca (S) välkomnar utvisningen.

– Jag gläder mig åt det här. Det är ett väldigt, väldigt bra beslut, säger han.

Han pekar ut diplomaten som en nyckelperson på ambassaden som ytterst ansvarat för flyktingspionage i hela Norden.

Enligt Arhe Hamednaca är Eritreas beskickning ingen ambassad i egentlig mening, utan ett verktyg för att terrorisera demokratiska krafter.

– Och för att samla in pengar på olika sätt för att regimen ska överleva. Det här är en tydlig signal att Sverige inte är en plattform för en tyranni, tillägger han.

Utvisningen av en enskild diplomat är en av de skarpaste markeringarna som den svenska regeringen kan använda sig av och det är väldigt ovanligt, enligt Jan Hallenberg, professor i statsvetenskap vid Försvarshögskolan.

– Den svenska regeringen signalerar att relationerna till Eritrea är ansträngda och att denne diplomat eller någon annan diplomat har betett sig på ett sätt som inte är acceptabelt enligt svenska normer, säger Jan Hallenberg.

– Steg ett är att utvisa en diplomat, steg två att utvisa flera, steg tre utvisa hela ambassaden och steg fyra att säga upp de diplomatiska förbindelser. Men de här sista stegen, då är det förberedelser för krig och det kan det ju inte vara frågan om.

Han menar att det antagligen har någon form av koppling till den fängslade svensk-eritreanske journalisten Dawit Isaak.

– Min gissning är de på något sätt spionerat eller motverkat andra eritreaner som finns i Sverige eller möjligt vid den här Free Dawit Isaak-gruppen. Men det är ju bara en gissning.

FP:s utrikespolitiske talesperson Fredrik Malm är engagerad i frågor som rör Eritrea.

– Det är välkommet att Sverige vidtar åtgärder mot Eritrea. Detta bör vara ett första steg. Målet måste vara att den ekonomiska indrivning Eritrea ägnar sig åt i Sverige upphör.

Många svensk-eritreaner vittnar om hur ambassaden pressar dem att betala en särskild exilskatt på två procent av inkomsten - annars får de inte ID-handlingar, deras anhöriga i hemlandet råkar illa ut, hävdar de.

TT har sökt företrädare för den eritreanska ambassaden i Sverige för en kommentar, men inte lyckats nå någon.




The new EU High Representative Mogherini with the outgoing Lady Ashton

In a congratulatory message sent to former Italian Foreign Minister Federica Mogherini for becoming the new High Representative for the European Union, the Eritrean People’s Democratic Party (EPDP) asked the EU to give “appropriate attention to the ever worsening situation in Eritrea” and help Eritreans to stop their country’s ongoing slide o the worst.

 All the campaign by the PFDJ and its enablers, which was designed to preempt, silence the voices of change, and efface the importance of the 2014 Frankfurt Eritrean festival did not work. In fact, the campaign had a backfire effect. In defying the maneuvers, misinformation, and lies launched by the PFDJ regime and by those who parrot and perpetuate its ruthless police state, Eritreans of all stripes and hues showed up in the festival and raised hell to the PFDJ regime.

Surviving the terror of the organ-harvesting trade

Tuesday, 26 August 2014 14:00 Written by

An Eritrean refugee living in Melbourne has spoken to SBS in graphic detail about being kidnapped and held captive in Egypt by Bedouin tribesmen who demanded either a ransom or one of his kidneys.

des Vorsitzenden der

Eritrean People's Democratic Party (EPDP)

Herr Mengesteab Asmerom


Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

ich heiße Sie in Namen der EPDP zum Eritrea Festival 2014 in Frankfurt am Main herzlich Willkommen. Ich hoffe, dass wir gemeinsam ein fröhliches und