Press Statement by EPF’s Higher Transitional Body

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The Eritrean Political Forces (EPF), first initiated in February 2020 by a call from  the late Berhane Woldegebriel, former director of Eritrean Education and Publication Society, aims to enhance the voice and action of the Eritrean opposition camp under the slogan of “Let us unify the political forces to save the Nation.”   

In view of our past experiences and the multiplicity of viewpoints and organizations, the work to unify our ranks was not taken to be an easy mission. However, progress was made through an accord reached in July 2020 to launch a phase of cooperation at the level of joint work in selected fields, and by April 2022, the partners agreed in principle to upgrade their relationship by eventually forming a wider political umbrella.

And it is true that the coordination phase did not only succeed to facilitate the EPF partners know one another better but also helped them to start conducting joint tasks, know each other’s thoughts and viewpoints and in the process build mutual trust and tolerance. On top of this, the joint platform helped enhance common understanding on the urgency of removing the dictatorial regime that brought untold suffering to the entire nation, and avert the looming threats to Eritrea’s national sovereignty. Yet, no one can deny that there existed differences that made joint works less effective. Those differences also delayed by at times stalling the process of establishing a wider umbrella. Nonetheless, breakdown of the lofty initiative was not acceptable to all EPF partners who were determined to continue the networking by acting only  in areas in which full agreement was reached. It indeed was a stage full of challenges requiring persistence in continued dialoguing and giving more chance to keep the ideal going.   

It is to be recalled that the EPF accord on the formation of a joint provisional leadership that could lead to the creation of a wide political umbrella within one year was made public on the occasion of celebration of the beginning of our armed struggle that took place on 2 September 2023 . However, on 10 November 2023, all four EPF partners held a meeting at which the ENCDC side informed that their alliance had encountered some misunderstanding that could not let the body to continue in the unity process at this stage, and wished success for the remaining three EPF partners. On their part, the remaining three forces hoped that the ENCDC would eventually clear their house and rejoin the ongoing process to form an inclusive national political umbrella for the opposition.

Soon after, the other three EPF partners, namely: the Eritrean United National Front (EUNF); the Eritrean People’s Democratic Party (EPDP), and the Red Sea Afar Democratic Organization (RSADO), met under the leadership of Gherezghiher Tewelde and his deputy in EPF, Yassin Abdalla, and formed four joint work departments. The EPF is, therefore, happy to announce that the 9-person body representing the three coalescing partners shall commence work under the name of Higher Transitional Body of the EPF.

The Higher Transitional Body shall be guided by the fundamental principles agreed upon by EPF on 1st of January 2023 as listed below:

  • Remove the PDFJ dictatorship and in its place establish a constitutional democratic system of governance;
  • Safeguard the unity of the Eritrean people;
  • Defend Eritrean independence and sovereignty, and
  • Secure and guarantee the basic rights and liberties of the people.

By taking into consideration the untold damage already done to the nation by the dictatorial PFDJ regime in the past three decades in addition to the ongoing threats to the very existence of independent Eritrea, we in the EPF are of the strong belief that it is now the 11th hour for all the Eritrean political forces and other forces for change to suspend their differences and close their ranks than ever before without delay. Indeed, we all have no choice other than rallying under a slogan of  action to save the people and their hard-won independent state.  

As EPF, we consider ourselves to be only at an early stage in unifying our ranks. Thus, this restart is backed by a determination to work effectively with all change seekers to remove the repressive regime based on the full understanding and conviction that the task of change in Eritrea cannot be done by specified forces, say by the EPF working alone. In short, the EPF is not for rivalry or competition with other forces but to complement the ongoing coalescing of our forces for change. Therefore, at this high momentum of resolve for joint work by all forces of change including civic formations, youth movements and women’s groups, we in the EPF solemnly call upon all of them concretize united action than at any time in our past history.

Victory to the Eritrean People’s Democratic Struggle!

Downfall to the Dictatorial PFDJ Regime!

Eternal Honour and Memory and to Eritrean Martyrs!  

17 November, 2023

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