Eritrea’s ruling party’s Stockholm festival plans terminated! How it was done

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Jul 27

Venue Contract Terminated!

By Amanuel Ghebremicael

The planned Scandinavian Festival of Eritreans, to be held at Jarva People's Park in Eggeby gård just North of Stockholm, faced fierce opposition from the get go.

The organisers planned to bring a well known genocide promoter, by the name Awel Seid, all the way from Eritrea. Shockingly, and as expected a "surprise" guest by the name Yemane Ghebreab was also invited to the event.

Eritrean opposition groups were not comfortable with the idea that a public space was to be leased to a regime that is known around the World for its gross human rights violations.

It made no sense that the Eritrean regime - that has no concern at all for the public - should be allowed to use a public facility.

After all, this is the same regime that has held Dawit Isaak, a Swedish Eritrean Journalist, in dungeons for more than 20 years.

Opposition groups, spearheaded by the Bright Future Movement objected to the lease in writing to the management of the park.

Action Needed

The regime's actions call for a reciprocal response or action elsewhere. Åsa Nilsson Söderström, a local politician and a mayoral contender in Stockholm, was made aware of the situation.

She wrote a strong letter opposing the use of a public space for the event. "Let's Cancel this Year! We will hold a festival for Democracy next Year" she wrote.

Bright Future Movement in Sweden has taken a range of measures so far.

These included:

·    Writing a letter of objection to the Park Management -

·    Lobbying lawmakers and the local media

·    Conducted an Intense Campaign against the Festival

·    Set up an E-mail Campaign for the public to address the problem to the Concerned parties

·    Notified local Authorities and the Stockholm Police - requesting a Demonstration Permit


Together, these efforts convinced the Park Management to terminate it's halls rental contract with the PFDJ.

And all associated services, like water, electricity, toilet have also been denied.

The PFDJ's Fundraising Event, disguised as a "Cultural" Event will now have to be held the open fields and they will have to hire all the services they use.

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