Mayor of Veldhoven city in Holland has prohibited the YPFDJ conference .

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The conference would start this evening 13 of April 2017, but the demonstration at the conference venue ran out of hand and tens of demonstrators are arrested. The demonstrators are the opponents of the regime president Afewerki. A top advisor of him would had spoken tomorrow against the wishes of the demonstrators.

The Youth department of the only party in Eritrea had organized the conference. This afternoon began punches and later became fiercely.

A question by the journalist to Mayor  Jack Mikkers of Veld Hoven

Journalist: In Veldhoven is Mayor Mikkers, good evening Mr Mikkers

Major Jack Mikkers: Good evening

Journalist: What has given you the breakdown why this decides

Mayor Jack Mikkers: After recent days seems that this conference would take place. I think it is important to have freedom of assembly in the Netherlands and also of expression. That's why I saw no reason to ban the conference. But  afterwards I saw the reason indeed if public order would be endangered and at the last hours and the indication for the coming days would has indeed lead to public order being at risk and that has also lead to tonight at 19.50 that I have to take the decision .

Journalist : That's already known to the people who demonstrated today that somehow went wrong, then don`t  you gave them what they wanted with such  decision  ?

Mayor Jack Mikkers: It is not all the result of the demonstrators' activities but also of the indication for the coming days. My interest is security and public order in Veldhoven. It has been compromised by the past hours and days and that has led to a decision I have taken and that is unfortunate because, on the other hand, in the Netherlands I have the right to organize a meeting and to have freedom of expression that I also find valuable, however, above all which concern is  the interest .

Journalist:There are a lot of people sleeping there who would be at the conference hotel, do those people have to leave?

Mayor Jack Mikkers: Yes. We are currently working on, working arrangements with the Koningshof hotelconference and the organization to ensure that no one in the street does not have to sleep, we are looking for a workable solution for the coming hours, next night Possibly also the day after.

What Clear, is the conference will start tomorrow at 7.30 and that conference will not more continue on the basis of the ban that I have issued.


Journalist: Clear, Mayor Jack Mikkers Thank you very much for your explanation this evening.


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