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In the evening of Saturday, 29 November 2014, a good number of well appreciated and well known Eritrean democracy and human rights activists were gathered in Geneva. Ms Elsa Chyrum was there; also Meron Estefanos. And Selam Kidane. Also present among the invited guests was the UN Human Rights Rapporteur for Eritrea, Ms Sheila Keetharuth. EPDP’s Woldeyesus Ammar was also there.

For change, no political issues were raised. It was not a human rights meeting nor was it a consultation meeting on how to promote the works of the newly established UN Commission of Inquiry on Eritrea.                       

It was a happy social event: the wedding of another democracy and human rights activist – Dr. Daniel Rezene.

Harnnet.org believes readers need no introduction to Dr. Daniel Rezene and his guests at his wedding. The EPDP and its official website wish Dr. Daniel and his bride Wegahta a very Happy Wedding.

Sunday, 30 November 2014 20:28

TV Demtsi Hezbi - Medrek Zete Public Meeting

Monday, 03 November 2014 21:20

EPDP Recording of DC Conference - by EFND

Interview with Mr. Rezene Tesfazion EPDP Head of Social Affairs Office

Mr. Mesfin Hagos member of EPDP Leadership speaks in Interview with Demtsi Hezbi TV Service

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