Human rights violations in Eritrea are as bad as ever

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Jean-Jacques Cornish
March 19, 2019


FlagDespite making peace with its neighbors and being elected to the United Nations Human Rights Council, the Eritrean regime of Isaias Afwerki continues severely to repress his people.

Human Rights Watch lists violations that include enslavement of young people.

Isaias Afwerki used Eritrea’s  20 year war with Ethiopia to justify his oppression.

This includes indefinite conscription that amounts to the enforced labour of young people.

Parliament, political parties, an independent judiciary and a 1997 constitution are prohibited.

Government opponents are jailed without trial and held incommunicado.

Signing a peace deal with Ethiopia last year and re-establishing diplomatic relations with Djibouti have been hailed internationally.
But according to Human Rights Watch, they’ve not changed Afwerki’s  oppressive measures.

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