Eritrean Demo in Frankfurt Rejects Friendships with Tyrant in Asmara

2018-11-03 22:28:21 Written by  EPDP Information Office Published in EPDP News Read 1262 times

On 31 October 2018 in Frankfurt a massive demonstration organized by Eritrean justice seekers saluted what the new Ethiopian Prime Minister is doing for his country but urged him to reconsider his friendship with the Eritrean tyrant at the cost of the Eritrean people who suffered long under that repressive regime.


A strong message written in many languages, including Amharic, made it clear that the demonstration was not against Dr Abiy Ahmed as such but that it was a voice aiming to draw his attention to the plight of the Eritrean people.


Written on behalf of all Eritreans opposed to what the Isaias regime has been against the wishes and aspirations of the Eritrean people, the message made it clear that border demarcation is of priority importance for last peace between Eritrea and Ethiopia. It underlined the truth that the unelected and lawless Isaias regime is not a legitimate representative of the Eritrean people and that all deals entered with it have no blessing of the entire Eritrean nation that paid dearly for its sovereign existence.


The message further stated that Dr. Abiy Ahmed and his Government have “a moral and human obligation to wish for the Eritrean people a better day at which they see their political prisoners released; start to live under the rule of law and establish a constitutional system of governance that opens political space for democratic competition.”

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