Stuttgart Seminar Participants Agree On Joint Action for National Salvation

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On 13 October 2018, EPDP Chairman Menghesteab Asmerom led a public seminar in the southern German city of Stuttgart at which seminar participants pledged to redouble efforts for joint action to salvage the hard-won Eritrean sovereignty nowadays under threat of treason by its own ruling clique.

Opened by welcoming remarks of Mr. Tesfamariam Kibreab, chairman of the EPDP sub-zone in Germany, the public meeting was attended also by members of the ad hoc committee for joint coordination of Eritrean political organizations found in the Stuttgart region.

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At his presentation in the seminar, the EPDP Chairman talked extensively about hot developments in the world and the region, of course including the fast changing Ethio-Eritrean relations. He also seized the opportunity of explaining the 2 October meeting of Eritrean justice seekers with German civil society participants in Berlin.

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 Mr. Menghesteab Asmerom saluted the positive actions taken by Ethiopian authorities that included their decision to fully abide by the Algiers Agreement and the final and binding border ruling and their widening of the political space in their country.

On the contrary, he said, the one-man dictatorship in Eritrea did not only decide to keep Eritrea the same old prison of its people, but also dropped calls for border demarcation and instead engaged itself in mysterious deals that are feared to be compromising Eritrean sovereignty.

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The EPDP Chairman further deplored the secret deals being made with the Gulf Coalition countries in which the Eritrean people have say. However, those deals being forged by an illegitimate regime are being vehemently opposed by Eritreans everywhere. The bold voice of former finance minister, Mr. Berhane Abrehe from inside Asmara was cited as a good example of the popular resistance. although their resolve to oppose everything being done by the repressive regime

Mr. Kibreab Mesghena, a representative of the ad hoc committee for joint work in the Stuttgart region, was given the opportunity to explain points of agreement and activities made between sister organizations since the Frankfurt Festival of last summer.

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 In the public discussion, seminar participants strongly condemned the reported ongoing secret deals of the Asmara regime and its failure to pursue the implementation of the border ruling. They also hailed the Berlin meeting with German authorities and hoped that Eritrean political and civil society activists would do their utmost to make aims of that Berlin meeting a resounding success.

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