EPDP Women's Affairs Head Attends Conference of Eritrean Lowland League

2018-04-10 20:29:59 Written by  EPDP Information Office Published in EPDP News Read 3383 times

Ms Adiam Teferra, EPDP Executive Committee member in charge of Women's Affairs Office, addressed on 7 April 2018 a conference of the Eritrean Lowland League (ELL) held in Cologne, Germany, in commemoration of the 4th year of the founding of the civic association which includes members mainly from the western lowlands of Eritrea, and focuses on the problems of this vital region of the country.


Seizing the opportunity of making a presentation at the event, the EPDP leadership member recounted the endless sufferings of the Eritrean people in the past several decades and informed the conference of how her party looks at what is to be done to in the uphill struggle awaiting all Eritreans in building a better common homeland. In doing this, Ms Adiam Teferra explained the contents of the 4 June 2017 EPDP proposal for joint action springing from four basic principles which are: a) Protecting Eritrea's territorial sovereignty; b) Removing the autocratic  PFDJ regime with its organs of repression; c) Installing a democratic multiparty system of participatory governance; and d) everybody submitting to rule of law, and guaranteeing basic liberties and democratic rights.

Attending the meeting were invited representatives of political and civic associations, national figures and a good number of young Eritreans from the region. Following an opening statement by ELL chairman, Mr. Ahmed Adem, on the covenant of the association, Ms Aisha Gaas moderated the presentations of panellists and the discussions which were focused on the ELL document (The Covenant) and visions expressed by the panellists.

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