Libya: Refugee protests erupt against UNHCR

2019-10-18 18:58:30 Written by  Martin Plaut Published in English Articles Read 379 times

October 17, 2019 News

Today refugees in UNHCR Libya’s Gathering & Departure Facility (GDF) held a demonstration.

The centre, designed to be a 24-72 hour transit facility for evacuees, has been their home for the last 3 and a half months.

The reason? They came to the centre themselves asking for help.

When the prison where they were being held indefinitely was bombed on July 2, they were left on the street with no access to aid.

So they walked 14 hours on foot to Tripoli to knock on UNHCR’s door.

They were given temporary residence there but have been explicitly told that they will not be evacuated and will soon be sent back out into the streets.

These are people who were forced out of their homes due to war, political or religious persecution, and dictatorships.

Their request? A clear understanding of the vulnerability criteria UNHCR uses for evacuations, an explanation of why they don’t meet that criteria, and a chance to appeal.

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