Final Statement of the 4th EPDP Congress

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The 4th Congress of the Eritrean People’s Democratic Party (EPDP) was successfully conducted in Wiesbaden, Germany, between 23 and 26 July, 2023 in Wiesbaden, Germany. Organized under the party slogan of “We Struggle for Constitutional Governance, Democracy and Progress”, the Congress was attended by EPDP delegates from many parts of the globe.

  • Taking place at a crucial time when the situation in Eritrea is worsening by the day under the dictatorial clique of PFDJ (the so-called People’s Front for “Democracy and Justice”);
  • While destructive wars are raging in our fraternal neighbors of the Sudan and Ethiopia; and
  • While global actors are attempting to reshape world order by alliances,

The 4th EPDP Congress, therefore, had to discuss these developments with all the serious attention they deserved.

During the opening ceremony, warm solidarity speeches were delivered by the newly elected Coordinator of the Eritrean Political Forces (EPF) who is also the Chair of the Eritrean National Council for Democratic Change (ENCDC) and a Representative of the Global Yiakil/Enough/Kifaya Movement. Other fraternal movements, associations and media outlets that could not be present at the venue in Germany sent their heartfelt wishes for the success of the Congress.

After lengthy deliberations over the party’s Political Program, Constitution and report of the EPDP General Auditor, the Congress adopted the drafts as legal party documents. Also scrutinized and finally adopted as party documents were the lengthy four-year reports of the Chairman, reports of the other eight departments of the Executive Committee and Political Resolutions of the Congress.

On the Current Situation of Eritrea:

The 4th Congress expressed full conviction that the relation of the dictatorial regime and the Eritrean people is by now non-existent because of the total betrayal of that clique to the entire nation and to the very flimsy structures it started to establish. Therefore, the Eritrean people are urged to take matters into their own hands and reminded to rally behind this party that vows to continue being at the forefront of the struggle to remove the PFDJ and its system.

On Eritrean Sovereignty:

Encouraged by the treacherous language and policies of the tyranny in Asmara, Ethiopian quarters that never swallowed Eritrea’s attainment to statehood and those misinterpreting the right of access to the sea have lately been engaged in day-dreaming some measures that aim to affect the very unity of the Eritrean people and their sovereign state. The Congress therefore affirms that the territorial integrity of the land, sea and air, and the unity of its people are national issues that shall never be negotiated.

On Process for Joint Work at EPF and other Levels:

The 4th EPDP Congress gave full mandate to the newly elected leadership to take all what is necessary to speed up the now promising stage to agree for joint work with fraternal Eritrean Political Forces (EPF) and also to seriously work on the ongoing dialogues with various other political formations, fronts and movements.

On Mass Uprisings:

In regard to waves of current and future mass uprisings, including the ongoing popular resistance being given the name “Brigade Nhamedu,’  the Congress expressed its full backing and necessary support to such rightful measures that must be conducted within legal frameworks and without earning the dislike of host countries and peoples. 

On the Eritrean Defense Forces:

The Congress condemned the unwarranted involvement of the Eritrean Defense Forces (EDF) in the recent Tigrai war although it was well known that the EDF members, themselves victims of the regime, had nothing to gain from such conflicts and invasions imposed on them and the Eritrean people. The EDF is now called upon to save itself and the people from the shackles of the regime and be on guard to resist and future involvement in wars which are likely be rekindled by the war-mongering regime.

On Eritrean Refugees:

The 4th Congress took note of the regime’s misguided policies and failure to welcome back and resettle pre-independence refugees as well as the continued waves of Eritrean refugees, and reiterated its call upon the Eritrean people  to coordinate its energies to get rid of this tyrannical regime of Isaias Afeworki. The Congress also paid tribute to all counties and people that have been extending helping hands to our needy refugees.

On Eritrean-Ethiopian Relations:

The Congress reaffirmed the EPDP’s position of continuing the relations between Eritrea and Ethiopia peoples based on policies of non-interference in the internal affairs of the other and the promotion of peace and mutual interests guaranteed by transparent accords and not by those based on the whims of individual leaders. While expressing deep concern about the probability of unnecessary armed conflict between the two because of the renewed chatter over the issues of border and ‘access to the sea’, the Congress condemned PFDJ’s continued meddling to disrupt relations of forces within Ethiopia. At the same time, the Congress called upon Ethiopia to see to it that all relations in regard to Eritrea must make be centered on the Eritrean people.

On Eritrea-Sudan Relations:

Sincerely wishing the fraternal Sudanese people to succeed in their struggle to return to normalcy from the current sad situation, the 4the EPDP Congress strongly appealed on the warring military leaders to cease fighting and settle differences peacefully through dialogue. It also urged the world community to intervene in stopping this war which can severely affect the entire region.

On the Tigrai Region of Ethiopia

The people of Tigrai are not only neighbors but are a fraternal people with many shared traits with the Eritrean people. The 4th Congress, therefore, affirmed EPDP’s resolve to help in healing the wounds afflicted by the war and rebuild normal relations based on cooperation and promotion of mutual interests by fighting and failing the harmful schemes of  Eritrea’s belligerent dictator, Isaias Afeworki.

 On Human Rights in Eritrea:

The Congress expressed its strong wish to see soon actions being taken by those concerned to bring to full accountability the Eritrean tyrant and his accomplices for the egregious crimes they have been committing against Eritrean religious leaders, journalists and political actors in complete violation of international calls and fundamental human rights rules and norms.

Concluding its deliberations, the 4th EPDP Congress democratically elected 35 persons from among candidates submitted by the Nominating Committee to serve as Central Council members for the next four years. Other five reserve members were also elected. 

The Congress also expressed deep gratitude to party members and sympathizers for their devotion and generosity in making the 4th EPDP Congress a resounding success.

Victory to the Just Struggle of the Eritrean People!!

Victory to Joint Work of Eritrean Political Formations and Movements!!

Down with the Tyrant PFDJ Regime in Eritrea!!

26 July, 2023, Wiesbaden, Germany  

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