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Tigray government lays out its terms for peace

2021-02-19 22:23:13 Written by  Eritrea Hub Published in English Articles Read 766 times
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A statement regarding peaceful resolution by the government of Tigray

The people and government of Tigray fully understand that war brings human loss and social and economic crises. The price of war can’t be measured in money or other material measures. On the contrary, we know that it is secured by paying priceless human life. That is why the people and government of Tigray have at all times held and continue to hold uncompromising stance regarding peace. Therefore the people and government of Tigray are always prepared to resolve the invasion that we are currently confronted with through peaceful means. Even before we entered into war, not because it was our first choice, but because we were forced into it. Today also, it will not be (our first choice).
Because the people of Tigray undertook the election of its administrators, since the fascist clique of Abiy closed all avenues of peace, invited foreign invading forces and has continued to inflict injustice on us aiming to annihilate us as a people, we are currently fighting by holding an unshakable stance that our existence shall be secured by our blood and bones; and (as a result) are achieving a succession of victories. However, we would like to affirm, as a people and a government, that, even today, we are prepared to resolve the situation through peaceful means.
But we are going to engage in peaceful negotiations if, and only if, the following preconditions are fully actualized.
1. The alien invading force of PFDJ should leave the land of Tigray immediately. And the fact that it has left has to be confirmed by independent international body. It’s only then (that we’ll negotiate).
2. The sovereign territory of Tigray should be secured and those enemies of ours who are engaged in partitioning the land of Tigray to the south, North West, west and east leave the areas and the territorial integrity of Tigray is secured. It’s only then (that we’ll negotiate).
3. The body that has been instituted by enemies in the name of interim administration should be dismantled and the administration of Tigray, which has been elected by the people, is allowed to return to its place. It’s only then (that we’ll negotiate).
4. An international independent investigative body has to be instituted, conditions should be facilitated to enable it to freely investigate the genocide and war crimes that have been inflicted on the people of Tigray and it should start its work. It’s only then (that we’ll negotiate).
5. More than 4.5 million people of Tigray, who were displaced and exposed to severe social crisis, as the result of the invading forces should be made to receive emergency humanitarian aid, the international organizations that come to give humanitarian aid should be given unrestricted access. And the land of Tigray should be opened from end to end to journalists and international humanitarian agencies.
6. An international independent body has to be instituted and start work to investigate the property of the people, investors and government of Tigray that has been invaded and destroyed.
7. The politicians and other children of Tigray who are arrested as the consequence of the present situation should be released without any preconditions.
8. The peace negotiation has to be mediated by independent international body. It’s only then (that we’ll negotiate).
The government of Tigray
February 19, 2013
Tigray shall be victorious
Delivered via phone by Liya Kassa, spokesperson of the regional government of Tigray currently
Source: DW TV Facebook page, 19/02/21
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