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Stockholm's Rally Against the PFDJ Festival in Stockholm

2015-08-02 21:39:57 Written by  Rally Organizers/ SESADU Published in English Articles Read 2421 times
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Sesadu 1

Thousands marched in Stockholm against the Eritrea's totalitarian regime's supporters festival in Sweden. Our youth for justice and democracy in Eritrea gathered from different cities of Sweden and converged in front of the PFDJ Festival with thundering and chanting slogans expressing the sad situation in our country and warning the festival goers that this festival under the name of the Eritrean people is not for the benefit of the Eritrean people but it is just serving the dictator and elongate our people's suffering.

Stockholm Rally 1

Protesters have poured into the place of the festival to denounce such festivals that are used as political propaganda and misleading our people by telling lies to the diaspora Eritrea. They demanded that the Swedish Municipality must stop such activities that have been save haven for dictators that have been accused crimes against humanity and being destabilizing factor in the region.

Stockholm Rally 2

Speakers at the rally were, Arhe Hamednaca, Member of the Swedish Parliament, Anders Östberg secretary of the Stockholm's workers chapter of the social democratic party in international relations and Mohammed Nur, chairperson of the association of social democratic party in the suburb of Stockholm/ Tensta expressed their worries on the human rights situation in Eritrea, demanding that all activities connected with the Eritrean dictator in Sweden must be stopped.

Stockholm Rally 3Another speaker was the well known journalist Martin Schibbye, he appreciated and welcomed such huge rally for freedom of speech and human rights in Eritrea and told the rally that he will be going to the festival and conduct interview with the leaders and participants of the festival. Martin was accompanied by his photograph, Johan Person.

Stockholm Rally 4

What was unique with rally 2015 in Sweden was 98% were the youngsters who were oppressed by this regime holding various slogans and placards telling the festival goers, " If there is democracy and justice in Eritrea" Go back to Eritrea, why are you here?

The rally started at 11.00 AM and stayed up to 20.00 PM without no stop chanting, singing and delivering different speeches. A joint speech was read by the Swedish - Eritrean Partnership for Democracy and Development/ SESADU chairman, Fesseha Nair in Tigrinya and the Arabic version by Abdulkarim Mustafa.

Stockholm Rally 5

The rally concluded peacefully and cordially at the place. When the rally was concluded all rally participants were told to go to the Hall of Husbygård to meet there and have their dinner , discuss and entertain. Thanks to our sister organization Eritrean Solidarity Movement National Salvation/ESMNS/ and our sister organisation Kebire Relief organization who has extended its support to this evening by giving us this opportunity after the rally.

Stockholm Rally 6

At the reception Hall, words of appreciation and thanks giving were presented by the elders and young recommending that now is the time to lay down strategic planning and implementation to reach the final blow to the dictator and save our people inside Eritrea

Stockholm Rally 7

Later in the evening, Young Musicians and Artists entertained the rally participants with sensational songs and readings reminding the brutal situation inside Eritrea

Thank you all Freedom and Justice Activists!

Rally Organizers/ SESADU

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